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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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Acting on a proposal by Stephen Dearnley, affectionately known as “Ol No. 1” (he has since ridden on), who was concerned that not enough young people were entering the trade and becoming motorcycle apprentices, the Club in 2004 introduced the Motorcycle Apprentice of the Year Award to “encourage and promote the youth in pursuing a career in the motorcycle industry”. This would also instil confidence that the highest standard of training is accessible to our members, ensuring that their motorcycles are in capable hands.

Nominations from each Zone - QLD/NT; SA/WA; NSW/ACT; VIC/TAS are sought and awards are presented to successful candidates each year.

A member of the National Committee liaises with the various TAFE Institutes and or Recognised Training Organisations who provide information on the most outstanding motorcycle mechanic apprentices for the year; the nominations are then submitted for consideration and adjudication.

Traditionally, each year a fourth year motorcycle apprentice who, whilst adhering to a set criteria, shows commitment, dedication and a genuine enthusiasm for their chosen profession, is selected as the overall National winner.

The Club is grateful to the sponsors for the MAOTY. Suzuki has agreed to provide a motorbike for the National Award Winners and has done so since 2015. QBE Insurance Group will provide 1 year Insurance cover for the motorcycle. Supercheap Auto provides gift vouchers to the value of $1000 to each Zone Winner.

The contact for the Motorcycle Apprentice of the Year is National Committee member Peter Baulch.




The Aims of the Club
  • To provide ways in which older motorcyclists can get together for companionship and mutual support.
  • To show by example that motorcycling can be an enjoyable and practical activity for riders of all ages.
  • To draw the attention of public and private institutions to the needs and views of older riders.
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