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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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A Virgins Trip to an AGM

Firstly, I over planned. I know you wouldn’t think that possible but over thinking it was probably my very first mistake. By overthinking it I ended up taking nearly everything I owned, I took so much stuff that I blew a tyre simply because of the sheer weight of safety equipment. Also, when we got to Southern Cross, behindus was 32 degrees and sun and ahead of us are black skies and a cyclone.Don’t listen to your wife! When she is sitting in her car, with the window cracked, calling you awuss, all the while having the windows fog up because of the heaters. When she says you need to get on your bikeand ride into a cyclone, as a little rain never hurt anyone, don’t listen. Stop, take a load off, book into a hotel andwatch a little TV.
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Your AGM Committee at Work for You

The members currently on the 2014 AGM Event Committee and the members of the CeNTral Deserts Branch, along with members from around Australia and others, are working hard starting to do the ground work, to meet the needs and expectations of those coming to, or being involved in, the 2014 Ulysses AGM.
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Our Stunning Parks and Reserves

The ceNTre and the NT have countless Parks and Reserves you can visit during your stay while enjoying your Outback Adventure.Below the image gallery, you'll find all the information you require as downloadable pdf files.The AGM Committee aims to keep you as updated as possible by supplying any relevant information.
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With the Fraser Coast Showground at Maryborough being such a massive and permanently established facility, the 2013 AGM Event will feature many benefits rarely available to Ulysses members. Two examples of this are check-in on site when members arrive, and on site assembly for the Grand Parade.
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Ulysses Club AGM Events are all different and it is impossible to say one is better than another. Each Event is unique and different, either in the location, the facilities, the friendliness of the local people or the ride there.One of the highlights at every AGM is the comraderie. You get the chance to meet like-minded, young-at-heart people from all over the country, from all walks of life, whose bond is a love of motorcycling and having fun.To fully understand what it is to be a Ulyssian, all members should attend at least one AGM Event.
News Archive: AGM, AGM 2013

Branch President's Welcome

The Central Deserts branch looks forward to welcoming members from all over Australia and the world to Alice Springs; in the meantime it is my pleasure to welcome you to our 2014 AGM website. I trust it will serve to whet your appetite and inform where needed.WELCOME ALL, to the Ulysses Club Inc. 2014 AGM Event in Alice Springs NT.
News Archive: AGM, AGM 2014

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The Ulysses Club has lived up to all my expectations when I joined a few years back and I am thoroughly enjoying my time riding with old and new friends. I firmly believe you get o...
Hi, Thanks to the Ulysses Club I now have a very full life and am surrounded by great people from all walks of life who are full of great stories and have become like a second fami...