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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
Memorial Day
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Today many members gathered together for Memorial Day rides, in various locations to remember those friends who have ridden on. President Helena wrote an address to share with members and it follows here...

We give gratitude to  our Club’s founding fathers for having the foresight to form the Ulysses Club and we pay homage to them - along with all the members who had embraced this chosen lifestyle.
The National Memorial ride day was introduced primarily to remember all those motorcycle riders – mates, friends, companions and mentors who we once rode with, and who sadly, have Ridden On.
Today is an opportunity to stand united, with the one common sentiment; Together we reminisce the lives of the vast number of Members whose life’s journey has come to an end - whether it be by age, accident or illness.
Today we reflect on the influence that these members have had on us as individuals; The friendships formed; All the good times along with the sad. The contributions that they have made to our Club; The impact that this great club of ours has had on their lives. Our thoughts extend to the members’ family, their colleagues and their respective communities who have all suffered a great loss.
For some members, this Club was their life - and they have ridden on complete and content knowing that they enjoyed the comradeship, the companionship, had fun and enjoyed doing something that they were extremely passionate about.
Many lives have been enriched by their association with you, the members of the Ulysses Club.  You have generously imparted wisdom, warmth and compassion, and extended the hand of friendship in times of need. These gestures, although natural in nature, should never be underestimated in terms of worth.
Although we are gathering all around Australia today to remember our Ulysses mates who have ridden on, please also take the time to consider those motorcyclists, beyond the Ulysses family, who have ridden on, or suffered serious long term injuries.
Embrace the opportunity to continue to look out for each other, support each other and accept each other for who they are. Life is too short……
Use this day to celebrate your mates, friends, companions and mentors’ lives and remember to make the time to continue to enjoy life, growing old disgracefully..….
Have a safe journey home".

The photos are taken at Mount Gambier, Hunter Valley gathering and at Cordeaux Dam. Many members gathered from many Branches at these places as they did in other places.

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