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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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From 6 June to 9 June 2014 the Ulysses Club Germany held its 5th International Gathering.

Whereas in the previous years we had chosen the little town of Aitern in the Black Forest for the venue, we decided that this year's meeting should be in the Saarland area where most of our members come from. The location was the clubhouse of the local shooting club, where we have our club meetings every two weeks. Of course, this made organizing things a lot easier for us.

We could welcome Ulysseans from England, Scotland, Norway, France, Switzerland and even Australia. So including the German members we were about 100 Ulysseans.

On two day trips of about 230 km each we tried to show our guests the beauty of the scenery in our part of the world. All together we were about 60 bikes which we split up in groups of about 10 riders each.

Our first trip took us north through the Hunsruck area to the Moselle valley and our second trip east into Rhineland-Palatinate. Most of the time we managed to stay on small country roads and avoid any major traffic.

On Saturday night we had an open-air concert of a local rock band called "The Ipcress", in which one of our members is the singer. Their choice of music -rock music from the 1960s and 70s- was exactly what we Ulysseans liked. One of their songs was "The Tales of Brave Ulysses". Needless to say that it had to be sung more than once.

The  5th International Gathering was a great success. We had fantastic weather, a perfect location and great rides, great music, but above all we experienced again the true Ulyssean spirit of friendship and camaraderie for which borders between countries simply do not exist.

Gernot Minig
Ulysses Club Germany

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