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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
Memorial Day
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On Sunday 11th September S-E Tasmania suffered extremely cold, wet and gusty conditions for our annual Ulysses National Memorial Ride which unfortunately kept the attendance numbers low compared to previous years.

Our Branch had 16 riders and 3 pillions at the Willows Tavern departure venue - we were joined by 6 riders from the MMAA (Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia) Tasmanian Chapter for this special event.

The assembled group were gathered and the significance of our special ride was delivered to the riders; allowing time for reflection on the past lives of our members and friends; special mention was made of the late Jack Lewin, Ulysses founding member #3.

The riders headed out from the Willows in miserable weather conditions, with the ambient temperature hovering around 5º on the way to Orford on Tasmania’s East Coast; conditions improved slowly by the time we stopped for morning tea where the temperature rose close to 10º.

All but 7 riders continued up the East Coast to Swansea to our destination at the Bark Mill Bakery and Pizza Café. The day slowly got warmer but the cross-winds were extremely challenging.

Due to icy cold conditions over Lake Leake, the small group headed home retracing their wheel tracks back to Richmond for our final re-grouping and reflections before heading home in various directions.

Betty Parssey #10640
Hobart Branch Sec.
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