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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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Down here in South Africa we share the cold with you, to survive we have to put on the gasheaters in daytime.
Due to the extreme cold weather, there are not many activities here.
Our current national committee succeeded to establish two new chapters for Ulysses SA, namely
Korannaberg Ulysses and Cullinan Ulysses. In total Ulysses SA do have now 32 chapters, the most since it was established 20 years back.
In May this year we celebrated Ulysses Club SA's 20 year existence with a rally. Prior to the rally, we invent a banner, the same as those from the soldiers and send it to the chapters. When the banner arrived at a chapter, the chapter president called a meeting with his members, signed a scroll with his chapter's name on, attatched it to the banner, thank his members for their support and start a party. Afterwards the banner was then despatched to the chapter nearest to them. It went down very well.
 At the rally we displayed a stainless steel torch, with all the Ulysses Club chapters name on it. Simon Fourie, who brought Ulysses Club to South Africa, was called to lit the torch, which symbolized the friendship of Ulysses Clubs through-out South - Africa.
31 of our chapter - presidents are males, and number 32 is a female who is one of the founder members of Ulysses SA.
Kind regards
Hannes Wentzel
National President 
Ulysses SA.

Posted in: South Africa
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