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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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During the last Annual General Meeting in the Riverland S.A in 2018. I was honoured with the presentation of Dearnley Medal Number 58 by the National Committee.

I was truly surprised and honoured. I did respond with a short speech at the time but on later reflection I had cause to consider the enormity of this award. I did take on a role which was bigger than me but I never felt alone.

I had a lot of backing and assistance from successive National Committees as an ex officio member there is no doubt. The most support came from the hundreds of Host Committee and Team members whom I had the honour of working with during those years from 2006 to 2011. It was not always smooth sailing because it was a steep learning curve for all involved. This was the start of the AGM Event Guide Manual. The first entries into the Manual (also known then as "Rule's Rules") came about from the 2005 event in Canberra and mainly comprised of policies, practices, and procedures learned on the run from mistakes made then. If it was not for the feedback given to me so freely by the NatCom and those Host Committees and Teams the Manual would have been a much larger task.

I believe that I am the custodian of DM # 58  on behalf of all those mentioned above and I also share that custodianship with my Wife Pam who has stuck with me despite my being missing in action at the computer (the mistress) for many very long time periods.

My involvement with the 2018 event placed me at the other end of the stick allowing me to gain a complete appreciation of what has been created and the benefits of having a living reference document at hand.

Finally, I thank all those friends Pam and I have made through the club across the country, from Albany to Townsville, for their long lasting interest, support and encouragement. I will wear DM # 58 with pride.

Graeme Rule  #17528  DM # 58.

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