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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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Finally winter seems to be over and we have started our biking activities.

But even in winter we were not absolutely inactive. We had our regular gatherings on the first and the third Friday in a month in our local pub “Schutzenhaus”. On two occasions we had picture displays of the trips we had done in 2017. Gerhard rode his bike round Iceland and me and my wife Wallie attended the Indaba in Zimbabwe.

The actual biking season started with what we call “Schraubertag”. We do it every year in spring to be able to get to know our bikes better from a technical/mechanical point of view. This year Horst -Gunter, a retired TAFE teacher and Joachim, an experienced car/bike mechanic taught us all about oils and other lubricants that are important for our bikes.

Two weeks ago we had a “Safety weekend”. Three of our members, Gerd, Christoph and Thomas, who have already taken several courses on safe riding passed their experience on to us. They concentrated on the topic of cornering techniques, how to take bends safely and how to look through turns. On Saturday morning we looked at the theory of it, then we went for a short ride and on Sunday we had a full day of riding. Our riding techniques were recorded on camera and later discussed.

Apart from that we had our first few rides – usually between 200 and 300 kilometers – either in our part of Germany or as we often do into neighbouring France and Luxemburg.

Next Sunday we will have what we call a Magic Mystery Tour. Riders are just given the coordinates of a nice place somewhere in France. There I will have a picnic prepared for them. Hopefully they will all find it and we can have a nice cup of coffee and some cake together.

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