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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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“G’day, The Ulysses Club office gave me your number. I’ve got this old bike in the shed I’ve had for years and I’d like to join the Ulysses Club and get it registered. How do I do it?”. 

And so opens another request for Conditional Registration and the return to riding on what was the pride and joy of another member.
Currently the NSW system requires an inspection ( a Pink Slip) and the completion of the Application ( RMS Form 1259) and the Declaration forms ( RMS Form 1246 ) being stamped by the Registrar or Delegated Officer.  
Whilst the usage is restricted to Ulysses Club  rides, being a Ulysses Club member, there are Branch rides almost every day, depending, of course, on  the location.
There is also   a 60 day log book system to operate in parallel with the existing Club Permit scheme
 The log book allows for the owner to enter the ride or each day’s use in the “log book”.
Initially there is a maximum of only 60 days allowed, which is in ADDITION to Branch rides
To date NSW has  over 200 bikes on the Register ranging from  a Honda C100 through to a CBX Honda, WLA Harleys, Norton’s and everything “between”.  Some well restored and beautiful, some still “everyday” riders and some that have needs. The slow aging of rubbers, tyres, cables and other parts is readily evident. Burt Munro’s tyres must still be in production and Lord Lucas is still running the company or so it seems.
With the assistance of the RMS, an inspection form ( RMS 1504) was developed which is the accepted Ulysses pink slip, giving consideration for the age of the bike.  
Modifications for safety are allowed e.g. magneto in place of acetylene, radial rubber in place of cross ply, LED’s for incandescent etc. 

For further information contact 
NSW: Phil Whittton  whittons@ozemail.com.au     0404322139   email for the package.
Phil  Whitton #3437

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