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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40

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The following information details the Ulysses Club insurances. As a general rule, there is no requirement for Members or Branches to take additional insurances.  If in any doubt, contact National Treasurer or the National Administration Office.
Business Insurance
Covers the Ulysses Head Office for all cover combined into one policy or package—e.g. fire and perils damage to property, burglary, glass. Additional insurances (cash on premises, cash in transit) are placed for specific events – e.g: AGM, etc
Public Liability 
The General & Product Liability insurance policy for the Ulysses Club Inc. provides protection for the Club and its members against claims for damages and defence costs, arising from damage to property and/or injury to person. 
There are several exclusions and conditions which are relevant and of which you need to be aware when organising Club activities:
1. Claims arising out of the use of vehicles (including motorcycles) are excluded. The individual owners need to comply with statutory requirements and maintain compulsory third party insurance. They also need to consider maintaining comprehensive or third party property damage insurances.
2. The policy does not cover claims arising in respect of persons actually participating in any performance, sport, game, contest or display involving athletic, acrobatic, military or equestrian
skill or the use of firearms, missiles of any kind, explosives or combustibles.
3. The policy does not cover claims caused by the use of mechanical amusement devices. The policy will cover vicarious liability that may arise provided you have obtained certificates of currency
confirming that the operator/s hold liability insurance for a minimum of $10,000,000.
4. The policy does not provide cover for liabilities assumed under a contract unless agreed to by the insurer in writing. “Hold Harmless” and “Indemnity” clauses are common in contracts and
contracts containing these clauses should not be signed without first referring them through the National Secretary or National Treasurer to Steadfast IRS Pty Ltd
5. In all activities you must take reasonable precaution to prevent injury or damage occurring.
6. In the event of an incident occurring that may give rise to a claim, you must not make any admission, offer, promise or payment without the written approval of the insurer. Offer of
assistance to minimise any loss or injury is not considered an admission.
Voluntary Workers
Provides financial compensation and cover for defined out-of-pocket expenses if an accident results in the injury or death of a volunteer.
Insured Persons: Up to 2,000 Voluntary Workers of the Insured including Club Directors & Committee Members
Scope of Cover:
The coverage afforded by this policy shall only apply whilst an Insured Person is engaged in voluntary work authorised by and under the control of the Insured including direct uninterrupted travel to and from such voluntary work, excluding cover whilst participating in a motorcycle ride.
Cyber Insurance 
Cyber Event Protection policy provides comprehensive cover for the liability and expenses arising out of unauthorised access and use of data or software within Ulysses’ IT infrastructure, including losses to others.
Warning: These are only brief summaries of the policy conditions and exclusions. 
Full information is contained in the policies held by the National Committee.
Summary provided by  :  Steadfast Insurance & Peter Baulch #27672 – National Vice President.

A PDF of this can be found here.

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