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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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Sidney Rowlands is the ACT / NSW MAOTY Zone winner for 2016.

23 years old, Sid is the middle child, 1 of 3 boys. He is very close with his brothers and parents. His family means the world to him. Sid was educated at Trinity Catholic College in his home town, Goulburn.  He has grown up on a property in the area and still lives there today. He enjoys the country and the fresh air.
Sid’s Dad owned a privateer race team which provided him with some mechanical experience. He was referred to us for an apprenticeship by a friend who recommended him to our manager. Sid has attended Canberra Institute of Technology to learn and fulfill his requirements as an apprentice. He is very thankful for the expertise, knowledge and experience his teachers Dan O’Connell, Colin Prest, Richard Linsay and Philip Mihajlovic have provided. In addition Sid has received new model and mapping tool training directly from Kawasaki and new model and diagnostic training directly from Suzuki.
During his apprenticeship he has worked on most motorcycles by Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, KTM and other vehicles including quad bikes, side by sides and jet skis by Seadoo and CAN-AM. Sid has owned motorcross bikes by Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.
One day Sid would like to work on a race team either here in Australia or overseas, and he would love to learn more about suspension.
 Canberra Motorcycle Centre provides a diverse range of motorcycles to work on. Each brand is different, the diversity teaches you to think and approach each bike differently. Sid has learnt how to apply a range of diagnostic & mechanical techniques to each bike dependent on brand and model, transferring skills from one bike to another while keeping in mind while there are similarities, there are also differences and uniqueness between each bike and brand.
In Sid’s own words…
 The Ulysses Club is a well respected and well known club throughout Australia and if I won it would open so many doors for my career as a mechanic. To receive such an award would be a great honor.


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