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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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JUST two days into her fundraising ride around Australia, Liz Tester #52236 was reminded yet again why she is a Ulyssean.
Raising funds for UCARF and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Liz departed from home at Capel, 212 kms south of Perth, on her 650cc Yamaha V-Star on Sunday July 31.
Followed by husband John Biddelle in their support motorhome, she had a smooth ride to Cervantes and then on Monday to Dongara, where she was met and escorted to Geraldton by myself and Ulyssean Barry (“just Barry will do thanks”).
After a couple of hours of shaking sealed collection cans, we led Liz and John to Northampton, where we left them to have a good sleep before continuing northward.
Next morning, however, the battery in her bike decided it was time to die.
I missed her frantic call for help, but Barry immediately headed to Northampton with a new battery, enabling Liz to resume her journey.
Challenges are nothing new to Liz, who between the ages of 14 and 30 suffered from epilepsy, until brain surgery in 1997 allowed her to finally get a drivers licence at age 32.
Which made it ironic that she met future husband John in 2007 when she knocked him off his motorbike!
Taking nothing from the donations and footing all expenses for the trip themselves, Liz and John look forward to meeting many more Ulysseans on their journey, which they hope to complete in early October.
Liz Tester can be contacted on 0407 474 546 or e-mail; liztester67@gmail.com

Gary Warner #65262

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