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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40

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The Vale Cafe



The Vale Cafe Provides Living Room Comfort & Farm Fresh Food.

A Cafe For Locals & Travelers Alike – You Will Be Greeted With Warmth & Your Order Will Be Swiftly Served.
The Owners , Along With Their Vivacious Staff,  Are Passionate About World-Class Food & 100% Quality Ingredients.




Will You Make It In Time? The Vale Cafe Is Open Until 5pm!
After All, We Know Coffee-Lovers Need Their ‘Elixir Of Life‘.

Come To The Vale Cafe Today & You Will Discover Marvelous Meals, Captivating Coffee, & Devilishly Desirable Deserts.
‘Welcome Home’ – It’s Practically Written In The Coffee Beans 

Call us on   02 4869 4438   or  Email

You can also visit us on our website, facebook or instragam





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