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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
Armadale Heritage


Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Ultimate Posty Bike Ride Coast to Coast

Date posted: June 17, 2012

Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Rides 8.30am for 9am start every Sunday. See map in this link.

Date posted: January 06, 2013

Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Movie clip ride to Beveley, Trevors lead

Date posted: January 12, 2013

Trevors lead ride to Beverley.  Quality reduced for web/email size restriction  By TONY
Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Bremer Bay AGM Shakedown Ride

Date posted: February 11, 2013

Three bikes (Josef, Christine and Di), one trike (Gerry) one trike hybrid (Pamela) and one ute (Arno & Carolyn) left on Saturday for an overnight stay at Bremer Bay. The trip was basically a shakedown cruise for the upcoming AGM in Qld. We all promptly met at Karagullen and departed at approximately 8.00am. The route took us along the Brookton Highway where we took the turnoff for Pingelly and stopped there for a coffee. Then proceeded to Wagin for fuel, onto Kataning, Broomehill and Gnowangerup where we stopped for lunch. It was during the fuel stop that Pamela noticed a bolt (not Gerry) that held one of her trailing arms on her trike conversion had fallen out. This was a serious situation and we doubted she would be able to proceed if we couldn't replace it. It was a large bolt (not Gerry) so we were concerned on how we were going to obtain a replacement. We were in a small country town, it was after lunch and almost everyone was closed. A drive around town proved fruitless until we found two gentlemen working back in there warehouse. We borrowed there tools and a scrounge around found a suitable bolt (not Gerry). We returned to the others had a mini celebration and then continued on our trip. In case you are travelling in the area the bolt (not Gerry) in question is silver in colour, with a square countersunk head (not Gerry). The road took us onto Borden and then the Bremer Bay Road to Bremer Bay. Considering the difficulties we made good time and arrived at approximately 4.00pm. We checked in at the caravan park to secure our accommodation when another opportunity presented itself to take the "mickey" out of Gerry. He had booked the accommodation many months ago and although the park was relatively quiet after the school holidays, our cabins were a kilometre apart!! Anyway after freshening up we went to the Bremer Bay Resort Hotel for a great meal, with the added ambience of great views and a wedding reception being held at the pub. After suitably being fed and watered we proceeded back to the most westerly cabin for drinks, nibbles and general discussion on the upcoming AGM trip. As we were sharing our cabin with Josef it only seemed natural that we would continue our discussions while the others trekked back to there cabin in the east. This discussion continued until about 11.00pm with Carol and I in bed with Josef at the foot of our bed on a chair, great night. Morning came around to soon and the next minute the remainder of the team were leaving for home as Perth was forecast to have over 40 degrees. We decided to stay on and take in the sites of Bremer Bay, we travelled to a number of beaches and took in some glorious views and finished up at the Wellstead Museum and Gallery. The museum was great with all sorts of artifacts including bikes, cars, machinery, farming equipment, woolshed, tools and saddlery etc. We then proceeded onto Albany and Denmark where we spent the night before returning to Perth on Monday. Highly recommend Bremer Bay to anyone for a visit and even extended stay. Have included a few photo's of the trip.       
Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: March Long Weekend Hutt River Ride

Date posted: February 15, 2013

Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Burt Munroe Challenge N.Z 2013

Date posted: February 16, 2013

Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Sundays Ride Report (17/2/13)

Date posted: February 18, 2013

Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Ride Invitation to Bailup Motor Museum 24/2/13

Date posted: February 24, 2013

Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Queensland Road Conditions

Date posted: March 03, 2013

Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage

Armadale Heritage: Easter Extended Riding Opportunities Combined

Date posted: March 29, 2013

Rides Archive: Armadale Heritage
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