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A recent report regarding Helmet Standards was a result of work done for riders by the MCC of NSW.

Guy Stanford from the Australian Motorcycle Council has provided these brief
* Road Rules are different in every state or territory, requiring different stickers and different Standards.
* You can lose your license for the wrong sticker if you cross a border.
* Helmet labels are no guarantee of compliance.
* Stickers are commercial advertising.
* Stickers do not ensure a safe helmet.
* Since privatisation, Standards have been weakened and oversight diminished as commercial control.
* The ACCC recalls are not on the basis of non-compliance with the mandatory standard, they're on the basis of non-compliance with the Standard claimed on the labels.
* Riders are forced to buy helmets that are not in compliance with the mandatory standard - through Road Rules.
* Road Rules in many States and Territories ignore the mandatory standard.
* We have different laws for "sale" or "use" of helmets and NEITHER ensure safe helmets.

The mandatory standard for helmets can be found at:


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