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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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Being a member of the Ulysses Club has been an incredible journey. I joined the club in 1997 after receiving my full motorcycle licence. 

Bunbury was my first club AGM (1998). David and I (as a pillion) had ridden across the Nullarbor with a couple of friends, towing trailers. In our trailer were the hot off the Council Office press, glossy proposals for the Green Triangle and Mount Gambier groups (as they were know back then) to co-host the 2002 AGM in Mount Gambier. During the last 22 years we’d attended each AGM with the exception of 1, that being Southport QLD. As we were both working we did much the same as many members, utilizing the AGM destination as an annual holiday destination. Having comradery whilst travelling with friends, meeting friends along the way and seeing even more friends at the final destination was always something to look forward to. Friendships that we treasure to this day

Passion to see the club thrive, and the desire to see others experience similar enjoyment to my own has always been a focus for me. The formation of my local branch in 1999 was the start of a roller coaster of involvement at local committee level with meetings, rides, rallies, Odysseys, activities, functions and meeting and chatting with members and prospective members. (My denim jacket is loaded with badges and patches and is too heavy to wear) So rewarding, treasured memories, so much fun, laughter and good  times  

A great honour was bestowed upon me when I was elected to the National committee in 2003 where I’d served the members through many and varied portfolios, and on all committee positions (with the Treasurer position being the exception), until 2013 where I stepped down having being narrowly defeated for the position of National President. As it turned out l had an accident returning  home from that AGM in Maryborough (Qld). Although I was no longer involved at a national level and my long and slow recovery was a priority, l still harboured passion for the club and felt l had more to contribute. The club was changing in so many ways. I was elected as National President in 2014.  What an honour that was - such a humbling, rewarding yet challenging experience. The roles taken on were not always smooth riding but the overall outcomes, experiences and good memories far outweigh the lows. Being a member of the National Committee in a position of servitude, working together with  committed teams for the good of the club and members was a privilege not taken for granted. l encourage others thinking about putting their hand up for a committee position to have faith in your abilities and take the plunge.

When you appreciate what the club has to offer and you enjoy the various features, it’s not difficult to live by the ethos of the club; to promote the club in a positive way, extend that helping hand of friendship, to offer compassion and support and to be mindful of others opinions and feelings. These work in well with the 3 principles of the club which were adopted during the formation of the Ulysses Club and are still the very essence of the club.

To be recognised by way of a the Life Membership is extremely humbling and l am honoured to have received such a prestigious award, joining other Life Member recipients. I recognize that l alone did not earn this award. To all the wonderful members who’ve had trust in me, supported me and who’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep this great club of ours viable  - thank you. To the members who considered me worthy by submitting the proposal for the Life Membership award and to the members who voted in support of the award - thank you.  It has been a privilege serving you. I pay particular tribute to my husband David, for his ongoing love and support on so many levels, over so many years – thank you 

Helena Gritton Member # 14027 LM #19   

Posted in: Life Members
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