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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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Mornington Peninsula – why visit?
Splash and sail in a marine wonderland. The Mornington Peninsula boasts more than 10% of Victoria’s shoreline. The 260+ kilometre coastline includes everything from family friendly, sandy bay beaches to wild, rugged ocean coastlines. This unique area is home to 500+ species of fish, and 1000+ marine plant species. It’s a magical diving and snorkelling area including marine national parks and more than 60 shipwrecks. You can swim with dolphins, meet cheeky Australian fur seals, or snorkel with delicate weedy sea dragons. Try paddle boarding, surfing, sailing, kayaking, fishing and more.
Mornington Peninsula boasts two unique bays, Port Phillip and Western Port, which offer hundreds of exciting sites to explore and fascinating marine life to see. The wide range of marine life and habitats are a result of its location at the centre of the Victorian coastline. This is where marine life from the cooler waters of western Victoria meets and mixes with warm water species from eastern Australia. As a result the marine environments of the southern shores are superior to aquatic habitats anywhere else in the world. Habitats include rocky reefs, seagrass meadows, sandy plains and sponge gardens.
Being part of a declared UNESCO biosphere reserve with marine national parks on our doorstep, the Mornington Peninsula is a unique spot to dive, snorkel, kayak, or fish. Out in Port Phillip there is a population of around 90 wild dolphins, and you can join a tour to snorkel with some of them, swim alongside cheeky Australian fur seals, or explore underwater marine parks filled with colourful fish and search for those amusing little weedy sea dragons. Or try sea kayaking tours, guided snorkel tours and dives, scuba diving courses or hire a stand up paddle board, paddle and wet suit and paddle through the shallows of Port Phillip.

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