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Kurt Grenfell – South West Yamaha , Bunbury .WA .- South Metro TAFE. Perth.

Acknowledging apprentices for high achievements is very important as it not only credits them for their achievements but also gives other apprentices a goal to aspire to.

I would like to personally thank Alan Stone , our head tech at South West Yamaha for his efforts and knowledge , he has been instrumental to Kurt's learning in the motorcycle industry and without Alan we would not have achieved such greatness with Kurt.

Kurt started with us in late 2013 as a TA with the goal to start his apprenticeship the following year . As it turned out, being a new business had its difficulties and we weren't able to put Kurt on as an apprentice until 2015 . He remained as a TA for one year, we feel this gave him a good leg up as a first year apprentice as he had a good insight into the trade before starting his time.

Kurt grew up locally here in the SW of WA, first in Bunbury before moving to Capel .

He lived with his mum and stepdad, remaining close with his dad, a friendship that is as strong as ever today . Kurt is an only child , he has a group of very close long term friends, one in particular has become a motorcycle mechanic also. 

Kurt stayed at school completing year 12 attending Newton Moore Senior High.
He graduated with honors in 2011, with sport and math being his strong subjects.

He worked with a local freight company before gaining some part time work in the motorcycle industry, an industry that he had always wanted to be part of.

Once into the industry, Kurt quickly settled in cementing his spot in our workshop, learning to change tyres and basic servicing whilst still working as a TA.

One of his pastimes is of course motorcycle riding, Kurt owns no less than five Yamahas. All in different disciplines of the sport, from road bikes to dirt bikes and even a fun bike for entertainment with his mates 

It didn't take long for Kurt to shine as an apprentice, being nominated for apprentice of the year in his first year with the ATC (Apprentice and Traineeship Company). making the final cut but not taking out the award.

He was again nominated in his second year, this time winning the TAFE and ATC awards. Our office is full of his plaques and certificates. 

In Kurt's third year he again took out the TAFE award for Motorcycle Mechanics, the ATC only running their awards every second year . 

He also was nominated for the World Skills awards for motorcycle mechanics in his third year, this being a competition run by the TAFE lecturers. With five tasks put to the top students in that year, Kurt placed third, being awarded a certificate and a medal for his results. 

At the end of his third year Kurt was contacted by the Ulysses Motorcycle Club Inc and was interviewed for its Motorcycle Apprentice Of The Year award. After being vigorously tested over the phone by Graham Moore, he has been acknowledged as the winner of this prestigious award for Western Australia and South Australia.

Kurt now starts his fourth year of his apprenticeship and we know he will complete his time at the end of this year. We hope Kurt stays on with South West Yamaha for some time, though we know one day he will move on into his next adventure in this industry.

Kurt would like to eventually further himself by becoming a mechanic with the Moto GP or Superbike championships or even with in a factory race team in the sport of Moto Cross, a goal that we feel is completely achievable by a young man with such a promising start to his career.

He was lucky enough to work with one of the leading riders and his mechanic when we hosted AJ Catanzaro the American supercross racer and Jeremiah Ellis ( his mechanic ) last year at the prestigious Manjimup 15000 Moto Cross event.

Kurt learned a lot about bike setup and race prep when working with these two over the two weeks they were in Australia.

Kurt would like to take this opportunity to thank his parents for their support, his employers for the opportunity to complete his apprenticeship in an industry that he is so passionate about. Also to Alan Stone for being such a great role model in the workshop and sharing his vast knowledge with hi. Jason Hoesle his TAFE lecturer, the Apprentice and Traineeship Company,  Andrew White being his field officer, always supporting Kurt throughout his apprenticeship .

Last but not least the Ulysses Club Inc for its award, Kurt has had a lot of success in his time as an apprentice motorcycle mechanic, but holds this award as important as any of the others. He feels very privileged to not only be nominated but also to win it for his zone.

With Thanks 
Jeremy Bennett re Kurt Grenfell
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