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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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For something a little different, Fleurieu Branchs resident “Poet Laureate”, Gary (GPS) Hollis has written a poem that sums up “our Hobbit”, a very worthy recipient of the Telemachus Medal - May 2016.

A Man For All Seasons 

Let me tell you of a man, the most positive I have known
He no longer is our President but the power behind the throne.
He’s held the reins and steered the ship and kept us from the rocks.
He volunteers on our behalf, bless his little cotton socks.
Hobbit does the heavy lifting, and he answers every call.
He’s the glue in the Ulysses fabric, the mortar in our wall.
A charismatic leader, a tall ship with sails unfurled.
Men will always follow blindly, the Robert Ryan’s of the world.


From the submission to nominate Rob for this award...
Hobbit is a TRUE Ulyssian , in heart and actions, always putting the 
Club before Himself, even to the extent that I sometimes wonder if He 
takes on too much, but with His guiding and help from other Ulyssians I 
am sure that once again the up-coming Odyssey and the 2018 AGM will be 
the best He can deliver in His chosen tasks.
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