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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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Hi all Ulysses club Australia members,
Wanting to get away overseas for a riding holiday?
Look no further than Thailand, its got some amazing rides.
We have some of the best riding surfaces Thailand has to 
offer up north, all with spectacular scenery and exciting corners
and lots to see and do.
One ride in particular has 1864 corners to negotiate, arguably one of the best
rides you will ever do 2 to 5 days needed to take everything in.
We are Based up the north end of Thailand in Chiang Mai, gateway to many exciting rides and activities.
Here's a couple of top rides available using Chiang Mai as your Base camp.
Mae Hong son Loop: 2 to 5 days depending on your time frame, can be completed in 1 day by the serious rider...
Nan Loop: 3 to 4 days or even longer as Nan offers so many more rides once your in Nan. The 1148 
is among the top 10 best rides world wide. Its that good you simply turn around and do it again.
Samoeng Loop: A day ride great for getting your feet wet before embarking on the bigger rides.

Also if your here around February you would be able to attend our School charity project we're involved in Led by Lobo MC, making secure canteen stage 1 then a new class room as stage 2.
So take a look at these rides online and if you decide to come over we are all here to assist in any way we can.
Things we can assist with include: 
1: Accommodation recommendations.
2: Discounted big bike rental from some of our trusted providers.
3: Things to see and do apart from riding. (but you will ride there)
4: Detailed ride information, maps, accommodation and great places to visit on the road.
5: Ulysses Thailand social nights and events.
6: Ulysses Thailand members are always looking for the next ride, so we would join you as a club for any ride we are able to. 

The newly appointed committee contact list below.
 President:  William Casey.
Vice President :  Grant Giffin.
Secretary:  Lachie Cooper.
Treasurer:  Lachie Cooper.

 Ride  coordinator:  Jim Pinner.
Face book manager:  Mark Troy.

International liaison:  Jim Pinner.
    Purchasing officer:  Jeffrey Zanatta.
All committee members can be contacted via email as per below.


Jim Pinner
66 952 410 970 Thai
61 457 406 579 Aust
International Liaison

Posted in: Thailand
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