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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40

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Telemachus Medal (#33) Peter Smyth #43862

Telemachus Medal (#33) Peter Smyth #43862

Nomination for Telemachus Medal for Peter Smyth – member no: 43826
Nomination by Redlands Branch President – Allan Pratt - 9186
This nomination for Peter accompanies a nomination for his wife Roxanne Stone for a Dearnley Medal. 

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Ulysses Club Thailand

Ulysses Club Thailand

We don't have a website yet. We are currently using Facebook under the title of Ulysses Club Thailand.
Contact details : President, David Thomson-Harry, ph. +66 900500390, email dthomsonharry@gmail.com

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Telemachus( #31 & 32): Geoff #46425 and Jill Ball #48805

Telemachus( #31 & 32): Geoff #46425 and Jill Ball #48805

Geoff and Jill joined the Ulysses Club in October 2007 and quickly aligned themselves with Fremantle Branch.

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Telemachus Medal #36 Robert Ashmore #1870

Rob has been a member of the Ulysses Club for 25 years, is an original Branch Member and has been an active member of the the Geelong Branch during the previous 18 years.  Rob has not stood for any Branch committee positions in this time, prefering to be a 'behind the scenes' member...

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Telemachus Medal (#35) Yvonne Johnstone #39457

Eve has been a Ulysses member and an active member of our Branch for 8yrs.

Eve joined our Branch Committee in 2006, that year taking on the role of Branch Treasurer. Eve was a Branch Committee member for the following Syrs and last year took on the position of Branch Secretary/Treasurer...

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Telemachus Medal (#34) Jack Johnstone #17052

Jack has been a member of the Ulysses Club for 14 years and an active member of our Branch for 11years.

Jack produced our monthly Branch newsletter from 2006 until 2008 and since then has been only too willing to step in and produce an edition when our current editor has been unavailable...

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Bank Deposits for UCARF

 The National Committee would like to remind Branch Committees that Branch donations for UCARF are to be banked by 20th December.


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The Unified Theory of Motorcycle Steering

Not many people are as fascinated with Motorcycle Dynamics as is Andy Luck, Member #508, but he has asked if he can load his Paper on this subject to the Ulysses Club website and this has been approved!  Several members have previously asked for their own copy and the Mildura Branch have actually included it in their newsletter, so if you ARE fascinated by Motorcycle Dynamics you can access a copy here...

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Telemachus Medal (#40) Paul (Chook) Verburgt #10450

Telemachus Medal (#40) Paul (Chook) Verburgt #10450

Every week Paul (Chook) Verburgt purchases the supplies for the trailer that he and two other members of the Branch built for the use of the Branch

News Archive: Telemachus Medalists

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Hi, Thanks to the Ulysses Club I now have a very full life and am surrounded by great people from all walks of life who are full of great stories and have become like a second fami...
After my wife passed away in 2006 I was in a state of shock, I didn't want to do anything. My family were worried that I was just waiting to go myself .My son suggested that I try ...