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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40

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Charity Ride for UCARF and RFDS

Greetings fellow Ulysses Club members.
My name is Liz Tester , I am 48 years old and live at Capel in the South Western region of Western Australia. C

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Southern Highlands Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Show

Especially for members in NSW - or for those visiting, the Southern Highlands Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Show will be held at Moss Vale Showgrounds, Illawarra Highway.....

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Ulysses Club Zimbabwe

Ulysses Club Zimbabwe

~~The Ulysses Club Zimbabwe was recently out and about supporting kids in their community.....

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Something you might be interested in supporting

~~Gumlu State School is raising money for Aussie farmers, with a car show on  17th September

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Telemachus Medal Bob Tate # 1028

Telemachus Medal Bob Tate # 1028

Bob (a Ulysses Club member for almost 30 years) was awarded the Telemachus Medal for his outstanding contributions and service to the Melbourne Branch.

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And now for something different.....

Rob Porter has aked us to pass on this message from him and we figured some of you may be able and willing to assist.

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SA Central Odyssey

The South Australia 23rd Central Odyssey will be held this year from 30 September to 3rd October......

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Melbourne Branch Odyssey at Nagambie, 7-9 October

The 18th annual Melbourne Branch Odyssey will be held at Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park which is beautifully located between the Goulburn River and Lake Nagambie.   Nearby attractions include a variety of wineries, museums and merchants plus a good variety of roads for weekend rides.

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Ulysses Club Great Britain newsletter

The newsletter of the Ulysses Club Great Britain is attached

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Photos available from the AGM Event in Launceston

DPIT Tasmania has provided the link to the website with the photos from the AGM Event in Launceston.

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The Ulysses Club has lived up to all my expectations when I joined a few years back and I am thoroughly enjoying my time riding with old and new friends. I firmly believe you get o...
Hi, Thanks to the Ulysses Club I now have a very full life and am surrounded by great people from all walks of life who are full of great stories and have become like a second fami...