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Gear Shop - Product of the Week! Neck Cooler!

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16 months on the road – two up

16 months on the road – two up

Motorcycle travel is a part of our lives. We’ve ridden through much of Australia together and in 2011 Brian rode ‘around the block’ in 18 days to promote a charity ride raising money for Police Legacy.

Back in 2003/2004 we rode our BMW GS 1150 from London home to Australia. Eleven months on the road, through Europe and then taking the road less travelled through Iran and Pakistan before heading to Nepal, India, Asia and home via Darwin.

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Tent City is now closed for bookings.

Tent City bookings are now closed for the Alice Springs AGM Event.Regular camping is still available for bookings.
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Joshua Prior - MAOTY Zone Winner WA / SA 2013

Joshua Prior - MAOTY Zone Winner WA / SA 2013

Joshua Prior who served his apprenticeship with Five Star Yamaha, Rockingham Road, Hamilton Hill and carried out his training with Polytechnic West, Carlisle Campus is the winner of the WA / SA Zone of the Ulysses Club Motor Cycle Apprentice of the Year competition.  

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Alex Rotzler - MAOTY Zone Winner ACT/NSW 2013

Alex Rotzler - MAOTY Zone Winner ACT/NSW 2013

My name is Alex Rotzler and I am writing to you as a participant in the Motorcycle Apprentice of the Year Award for 2013. Motorcycles are my passion, to win the ACT/NSW Motorcycle Apprentice of the Year Award is a dream come true.
I hope I can one day inspire others to work as hard as I have done and follow their dreams as it does pay off.

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The Alice Springs AGM of 1994 was my seventh AGM. Having previously traversed the Stuart Highway from the north, south to Adelaide, I decided to go for a long ride from Cairns down the Bruce Highway and onto Sydney, then across to Port Augusta. From then, it was head north out of South Australia and into ‘Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Nother Time’ country........The Northern Territory and ‘The Alice”.
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Consider your fuel options

If you are from the higher populated parts of Oz you might have your favourite flavour of fuel and you only buy that flavour. You might usually buy fuel on Tuesday or Wednesday because fuel is cheaper then but never on Friday or Saturday because the price rises on the weekends.
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Thinking of buying a trailer?

Elite Products will be attending the Ulysses AGM in Alice Springs.Due to logistics they are unable to transport trailers to Alice Springs to sell. They will have a camper trailer on display that you will be able to inspect and place orders. If any parts are required at the AGM they are happy to bring these with them if you advise them of your requirements.
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Ulysses Talks to Charley Boorman

Ulysses Talks to Charley Boorman

Ulysses freely spoke with Charley Boorman late in 2013... He spoke of his travels, his family and his friends. He discussed his long relationship with BMW.  Check out what Charley had to say...

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