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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40

A selection of over 137 + branches Australia wide
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Broken Hill


Find Us: BROKEN HILL, NSW, 2880
Contact Us:
Mobile: 0428 35 7378
Fax: 08 8088 4891
Email: brokenhill@ulysses.org.au
Website: Broken Hill Branch
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Autosol - NSW
Autosol - NSW “Made in Germany, Autosol is best known for its world market leading metal polish
The Vale Cafe - Moss Vale
The Vale Cafe - Moss Vale The Vale Cafe Provides Living Room Comfort & Farm Fresh Food.
Honeybee Country Accommodation
Honeybee Country Accommodation
Cruising Bikers - Suppliers of KAOKO Cruise Control
Cruising Bikers - Suppliers of KAOKO Cruise Control Suppliers of KAOKO Cruise Control. KAOKO - World leaders in Friction Type Throttle Controls.
Go Explore the World
Go Explore the World
DriveAway Holidays
DriveAway Holidays DriveAway Holidays are your number one provider for all guided, self-drive and road-trip style motorcycle tours in the U...
Monaland Pty Ltd
Monaland was created with the sole purpose of assisting Ulysses members with an alternative to combat the price of Green...

Ulysses Club


The Ulysses Club has lived up to all my expectations when I joined a few years back and I am thoroughly enjoying my time riding with old and new friends. I firmly believe you get o...
Hi, Thanks to the Ulysses Club I now have a very full life and am surrounded by great people from all walks of life who are full of great stories and have become like a second fami...