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A social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40
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Ulysses Club Inc. Member’s Benefits Scheme

We encourage businesses to support Ulysses members with discounts.

All supporters will have their discounts to members listed on a special Member’s Benefits page on the Club’s web site which is accessible to over 14,000 members.

The benefit to our members is that they would be entitled to receive a discount or special privilege at your business upon production of a current Ulysses Club Inc. membership card.

To support this objective the Club has produced a sticker for shop windows of businesses to indicate that Ulysses Club Inc. members are welcome and can expect discounts or special treatment. Also as an alternative we offer a small Club flag if you would prefer to make a bolder statement.

An average of three thousand members attended the past few Annual General Meetings. Members look for services and discounts when traveling to AGM Events, Odysseys, and other events throughout Australia.

Please fill out the form below if you wish to promote your business by offering Ulysses Club Inc. members discounts or special privileges and we will forward your Members Welcome stickers or flag.

Enhancing your Member Benefit Listing
Businesses offering Member Benefits, that are either a Member, a Sponsor or offering a special in conjunction with our Events have their listings enhanced with these icons.

Icon Legend

A Ulysses Member
offering a Benefit
An Advertiser
A Benefit for the
current event
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Hi, Thanks to the Ulysses Club I now have a very full life and am surrounded by great people from all walks of life who are full of great stories and have become like a second fami...